About Us

Al Zayer is a design-driven company that provides mainly building materials and safety products which is used in Plumbing, Sanitary, Valves, Hardware and Fasteners. For over 11 years, the company has remained dedicated to serving the needs of architects and designers with cutting-edge, high-quality materials..

Our years of knowledge and experience meet and exceed the standards of the world's finest Architects, Interior Designers and Largest Developers. Our primary focus is the commercial arena, supplying innovative and responsible materials to retail, hospitality, healthcare, residential , corporate and educational venues.

Our due diligence remains consistent, as well, by insuring the materials we supply are not only environmentally sensitive but also commercially appropriate from the stand point of surface density to an ADA acceptable level of slip resistance.

Our ultimate goal is the opportunity to be a valued resource to the architectural and design professional, as well as, their clients .